Vector Control

   Ninety-three percent of the population in Tanzania live in areas where malaria is transmitted. The 2017 Tanzania Malaria Indicator Survey reported more than 26% of all outpatient visits are attributed to malaria, resulting in an estimated 7.7 million confirmed and clinical outpatient malaria cases annually – with 3.4 million of these cases attributed to children under the age of 5.

PSI, through a partnership with the PMI-funded VectorWorks Project is distributing ITNs free of charge through all public health facilities in 14 high prevalence malaria regions of mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar. ITNs are provided to pregnant women at the first antenatal care clinic visit and to infants at the first measles vaccination. In addition, on mainland Tanzania, ITNs are delivered annually to primary school children in selected grades in all public schools in 14 regions of the country that were reported to have a malaria prevalence >10% in the Tanzania Demographic Health Survey 2015/16.
In 2018 PSI distributed 5,805,497 ITNs; an increase of 22% from 2017.

ITN Distribution 2016 - 2018