According to Tanzania HIV Impact Surgery 2016-17, Tanzania has 1.4 million people who are living with HIV. This equates to an estimated HIV prevalence of 4.7%. In the year 2016, 55,000 people were newly infected with HIV, and 33,000 people died from an AIDS-related illness.

Despite the numbers, Tanzania has done well to control the HIV epidemic over the last decade. As a result, between 2010 and 2015, the number of new infections declined by more than 20% and the number of people dying from an AIDS-related illness halved.

PSI Solution
To address the burden of HIV in Tanzania, PSI implements biomedical, behavioral and structural interventions using a combination of preventative actions. Read more about our interventions.

Behavior change communication: We promote behavioral change, reduce risky behaviors and address negative social norms through innovative communication activities. We use communication mix to reach out our audience with tailor made campaigns – For many years, our campaigns have been able to revolutionaries the way people behave and perceive HIV/AIDS and condom use. Our campaigns such as ‘’Kama Kweli Unampenda Utamlinda’’, ‘’Salama Chaguo la Kweli’’, Michepuko Sio Dili and Kuwa Original, Tumia Original’’ have been instrumental in changing behavior towards safe sex and condom use.

Condoms: Salama Condom – male latex condoms are number one distributed condoms in Tanzania with a market share of over 50%. With the use of private sector marketing strategies we have reached almost every corner of the country with our three brands – Salama Halisi, Salama Studs and Salama 3Bomba. From time to time PSI is working to increase demand for and access to and improving packaging and making condoms available and affordable.

PSI has over 80 Regional Distributors countrywide who are working with our organization to ensure our high quality products including Salama condoms reaches final users. In 2015 PSI Tanzania distributed over 135 million condoms- it’s biggest year ever. The name Salama – which means “safe” – is now the generic word for condom.