Sun Jul 12th 2020: 09:04:07

Building Local Capacity

PSI/Tz recognizes the importance of training as an effective tool to educate target audiences about the prevention of HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Reproductive Health, and waterborne diseases. The target audiences include:
healthcare providers, youth, and vulnerable groups. PSI/Tanzania develops training programmes that increase knowledge and build skills to help trainers influence individuals’ behaviours. Each training programme is designed using different messages, materials and intervention strategies tailored to each specific audience.
Qualified trainers travel throughout the country to conduct workshops on disease prevention. Training is provided to community-based distribution agents who then work to create demand for and distribute health products. In addition, PSI/Tz teams up with corporate partners and NGOs to prevent HIV infections within the community through activities such as condom workshops, distribution of educational materials, peer education, and outreach. PSI/Tz has conducted HIV work place interventions for Geita Mining, Tanroads, Finca, Konoike Construction, Barrick Gold Tanzania,
Stanbic Bank, Pride Tanzania and others
Training on malaria focuses on raising awareness about susceptibility to and severity of the disease, mode of transmission, and the best and most cost effective methods of prevention and treatment of uncomplicated malaria. The malaria toll is highest in rural areas, where accessing insecticide treatednets is more difficult and ability to pay is reduced. PSI-Tz responds to this by focusing on rural areas with regard to the training of community based health workers, Council Health Management Team members, CBOs, religious institutions and shifting market traders.