Fri Aug 7th 2020: 12:53:16

Malaria haikubaliki


In Tanzania, the fight against malaria has started to show major progress. Between 2008 and 2013, the prevalence of malaria in children under five years has nearly halved through a range of different interventions led by the Government of Tanzania with the support of NGOs such as PSI. PSI/Tanzania uses a community-initiated approach to behavior change communication by creating a platform for dialogue regarding malaria prevention and treatment. The behavior change communication project provides a harmonized message through overlapping channels to reinforce behavior change messages and better impact behaviors such as correct and consistent use of insecticide treated mosquito nets.

PSI/Tanzania reaches rural areas by engaging with local NGOs, CBOs and FBOs, understanding large-scale direct community activities such as mobile video units and road shows, and facilitating the development of public-private partnerships for malaria prevention and control. PSI/Tanzania is preparing to integrate a programme to roll out improved access to rapid malaria testing kits through the private sector in 2014, to improve diagnosis of malaria and improve rapid access to appropriate treatment.