Sun Jul 12th 2020: 11:04:29

Reaching vulnerable population

In its efforts to promote improved health for Tanzanians, PSI-Tanzania emphasises implementation of activities that reach rural populations. With the support of its donors, PSI-Tanzania is developing a network of rural engagement teams that will soon be based in each region of the country. These teams are equipped with mobile video units, and are in charge of implementing and organising activities ranging from community sensitisation meetings, community theatre performances, road shows, mobile video unit shows, sporting competitions, essay writing competitions for school children and training of community own resources persons. These teams reach around half a million people per month in around 70 to 80 districts each month, mainly in remote and hard to reach areas. In any year, PSI-Tanzania will aim to reach every district of the country with messages about Malaria, HIV/AIDS, Reproductive Health and Safe Water.

Targeting the Youth

The youth of Tanzania constitutes a highly vulnerable group which deserves targeted initiatives to empower them with information for their health and general wellbeing.
As well as a range of other communication activities, PSI-Tanzania produces and distributes !Amua - a monthly newspaper targeting this population group. The newspaper highlights health issues, answers questions, publishes letters from readers and prints entertainment features such as cartoons. Over 120,000 copies of !Amua are distributed to over 1,300 secondary schools, NGO and community health centres nationwide.
!Amua has remained popular with the youth and PSI-Tanzania has been making constant effort to respond to the increasing demand for the newspaper by increasing its circulation. The aim is to reach as many young people as possible with relevant information on HIV/AIDS, malaria and waterborne diseases.